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How do you describe the sensation when something just melts in your mouth and while it travels down your windpipe, it leaves a feeling of warmth and coziness as if you are the most special person in this world? How do write or even portray that soft fluffiness of the jamuns oozing with that delicious sweetness? Being a food blogger, these Gulab jamuns became a downright writerв??s block for me. And what more в?? it made a frantic and hopeless photographer out of me too. Bв??cos try as I might, I couldnв??t think of the right words to explain how I felt and also failed to capture that velvety smoothness of these famous Jamuns having prominence in the в??Most Wantedв?? list of Indian desserts.

Рецепт Gulab Jamun – бесплатная браузерная игра

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