Играть в “Escape from the Nerd Factory”

After being trapped, you do everything to escape from this nerd factory. It is a 18 levels game. You're playing as a bullyboy who really hate the nerds with any kind of nerdiness. One day, you're trapped in the most frightening, hazardous and deadly which also full of the cutest creature in the entire universe: Nerds. You can smell blood on every wall and floor, traps are waiting for your death and most importantly: nerds are everywhere. Find your way out or spent your entire life life with the nerds.

Escape from the Nerd Factory – бесплатная браузерная игра

Играть в игру Escape from the Nerd Factory бесплатно онлайн очень удобно, вы можете загрузить любимую игру в любом удобном для вас месте на персональном компьютере или на планшете.

Если у вас есть всего минутка, то можно сыграть в Escape from the Nerd Factory - бесплатную игру онлайн и насладиться ею в офисе в рабочий перерыв.